Urban Oasis | Vancouver | 2008

Residential building sites in the urban areas are more strongly controlled with regard to floor area, total building height, setbacks from site boundaries,site coverage, extent of overhangs included in floor area calculations, and parking requirements. These criteria greatly influence the design alternatives that are available for use in the development of a design solution. The client’s objectives were to maximize the floor space consistent with the zoning by-laws, create roof decks, secure the privacy of outdoor spaces, provide quiet studio space, and an create ambiance allowing quiet contemplation. Design criteria calling for roof decks implied a flat roof scheme. Special attention was paid to the exterior rain screen wall assembly, superior flashing details, and ample ventilation of wall and roof spaces. The zinc flashing material and fabrication was of very high quality. Eyebrows over the windows and wall caps became part of the building aesthetic.


The roof water management system was composed of very large open sloping troughs along the edges of the upper roofs, all taken to three oversized rain water leaders. The walls were built as “rain screens” containing a drainage plane to convey any water that penetrated the stucco cladding to the exterior.


The house opens to the gardens and pool terraces on the main floor, and there is a large private deck on the second floor, and a roof deck with views to the ocean on the roof.


“There were many issues with the property and the zoning by-law to be resolved in order for us to be able to achieve our idea of what this house could become. Working with Rol we were able to accomplish all our goals; he was always open to listen to our concerns and to adjust the design to include our requirements.  The house goes beyond the excellent construction, the beautiful connections with the garden, and the light filled spaces. Most importantly, it reflects the way I relate to the world, and I feel connected with it emotionally”. Diana Li