Ottowell | Tswassenn| 1979

Ottowell | 1979 | Tsawwassen. Designed in 1978, The Ottowell residence is an example of an early RFA West Coast modern beach house. This residence demonstrates the importance that RFA has always given to providing sufficient natural daylight to the interior spaces throughout the day, as the house sits just off the beach amongst tall evergreens. There is a central skylight over a circulation spine, and additional skylights in other critical places. 33 years after completion, David Ottewell, the son of the original client still resides in, and enjoys the house. Speaking to him at a recent visit he generously shared his experience: ” You put some of your life into this house, you are a part our life, and we appreciate it every day, we really do. You put this skylight here and we read the paper, have our tea, we do everything here, and it’s just perfect.