Meredith | Lion’s Bay | 1975

Meredith Residence, Lions Bay B.C.: The first residence.   It seemed that the natural organic world always produced both beautiful and efficient structures when acted on by physical forces and the pressures of evolution.  The Chambered Nautilus utilizes the unique properties of the “golden mean” ratio, adding larger flotation chambers each year in the same ratio to the expanding enclosing spiral as the preceding years. This proportion was utilized by the Egyptian, Greek, Medieval and Renaissance master builders. During the Renaissance the ratio was known as “the divine proportion”, or the “golden mean”, as it was seen to pervade the natural world of plants and animals as a gnomon of growth.This example from nature became the starting point for the organizing principal applied to the design of the Meredith Residence, and the beginning of a search for a meaningful approach to architectural design.

OWNER’S COMMENTS / November 1976 / Western Living Magazine:
“We enjoy the house as sculpture…to be viewed in delight from all angles, to be lived in and on, to be climbed over and under. It’s a building which encourages peace of thought and activity without prejudice; a building entity with a function that is both universal and personal. It’s so beautiful here we haven’t wanted to leave. It’s lovely even in the rain.”