Martin| Terrace B.C. | 1997

1997: Martin Residence inTerrace B.C.


Main Floor Plan

This residence is situated on a steep bluff with views over the Peace River valley. The radial planning was chosen to enhance these views and the feeling of expansion as you approach the South glass wall. The ceiling and roof also enhance the sense of release as the broad soffit curves upward over the south glass wall.

Pre-fabricated roof trusses were used for the long spans over the major spaces and to provide the variable curves for the ceiling plane. The tall steel and wood window mullions were custom built to provide the strength required to carry the roof loads and yet remain slender.


The client requested a “Great Room” encompassing the living room,dining room, kitchen, and family room. These spaces are arranged end-to-end under the vaulted ceiling in the western portion of the house.

Great Room


Front Entry

Entry Skylight