Leowski | Southlands | 1996

1996: A residence for Art & Louise Leowski in the Southlands area of Vancouver.

The  hexagon, like the square can completely fill space in the plane, but has two more faces than the square and more connective potential for shaping the spaces of the floor plan. It also has an affinity with the circle and the golden mean.

This residence was designed with a hexagonal module to allow the building to align to both the street pattern and to the views. These site elements were at  60  degrees to one another, and the hexagon was a natural fit. It proved to be a very easy module to work with.

Rooms were created with the softer qualities of the circle , yet providing straight walls for furniture placement and typical straight line framing components. The angular geometry which allowed the spaces of the floor plan to merge into one-another creates a more  interesting journey through the house, adding a note of un-predictability.


“At this early stage of our experience living in the house we are still finding wonderful architectural details that you have designed into our new house that amaze us and delight us. Some of the many minute details that we have discussed, modified, rejected, and accepted again during many of our meetings with you are now displaying themselves as total verification of your excellent professional skill and imaginative design.” 

Art & Louise Leowski.