Farrell | North Shore Oahu | 1986


The climate in the Hawaiian Islands allows the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces to be even more relaxed that in British Columbia.




Just above the storm waves of the Pacific Ocean this tropical house was conceived to reduce the impact of the normal boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.

The roof and wall structures were composed of 6”x6” douglas fir posts and beams based on an 8’x8’ grid. Glue laminated timber beams were used for very large spans. This structural system allows for large openings in the exterior walls for windows or doors, and set up the structural patterns for the house.

Exterior walls of the major living space were composed of multiple doors on both sides, allowing the lanai of the garden to connect to the ocean-side deck. There was no heating system, so insulation and air tightness were not an issue. Insect screens were essential.