The goal is to create domestic architecture that connects emotionally with the occupants and provides an affirmation of their life. An architecture durable enough to last for many generations that not only confirms and sustains the natural world of which it is a part, but reflects the way in which we biologically perceive meaning in our world. An architecture that inspires respect, and creates a desire in the user to maintain and preserve its life. Design philosophy evolves with an understanding of how nature creates all material forms whether organic or inorganic through growth patterns involving three generating and universal phenomenon: energy, geometry, and synergy.

The design of architectural form is similar to an evolutionary process and involves recognizing the importance of ancient structures of the evolved human brain and the profound implications of the different scales of time and space in electromagnetic organic processes. Synergy is the unexpected behaviour of whole systems unpredictable by the behaviour of their parts taken separately. Understanding synergy lies in a study of relationships and patterns. Patterns are ordered arrays of elements. Current practice is focussed on applying synergistic pattern theories and adapting them to domestic architecture, in a West coast regional climatic and geographic context, incorporating passive solar energy strategies and geothermal systems as part of the design rationale, creating synergistic patterns with indigenous materials.